THESE are the signs of emotional trauma that you should beware of

Emotional trauma can happen to anyone, and getting back to your normal life and being normal again can be a long process. However, we must first understand the signs of emotional trauma that must be addressed.

1. You have a jumbled set of emotions. You’re unable to control your emotions and make sense of what’s going on. You’re having difficulty understanding your own thoughts and emotions, and keeping them under control has become difficult. You lash out at random or burst into tears out of nowhere.

2. You don’t feel like yourself anymore, and you believe you’ve changed as a person. You don’t want to do things that you normally enjoy and love. You may even experience social anxiety or simply want to avoid even your closest friends and isolate yourself from them.

3. You feel completely hopeless, as if nothing will ever go right and you will be unable to find meaning in anything. You may even have a negative attitude toward things as well as negative thoughts. It may appear that life has no meaning.

4. It may appear impossible to believe in anything and everything. It may appear surreal and as if it is a dream. It may feel as if your brain has stopped working, and thinking clearly and logically may be difficult. You may even hold yourself responsible for everything that goes wrong.

5. You may experience a loss of confidence and a sense of worthlessness. You may believe that you are unworthy and that everything you do is wrong. You may even develop a dislike or hatred for yourself, and self-love may become a distant memory.

6. Letting go of the past may be difficult for you, and you may feel compelled to seek self-destructive solutions to deal with it. You may be filled with rage and negativity, and you can’t stop thinking about everything that has gone wrong.

NOTE: This does not necessarily imply that you have PTSD, but it may be beneficial to see a therapist or speak with someone if you are experiencing such feelings and thoughts.

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