Watch this short film about domestic violence by Manju Warrier and Esther Anil.

Esther Anil, who played the younger daughter in the legendary Drishyam flicks, walks across a dining hall while reading a book. It is a short video about domestic abuse, and Esther with her book looks to be in contrast. On the dining table, an elderly guy, possibly her father, is buried in some papers. It appears to be a routine evening with a student studying at home until the noises from the adjacent house begin.

There are choked screams of a woman wailing into the night as a man’s louder voice yells. Both Esther and Sreekanth Murali, who plays the father, initially try to dismiss it. When it doesn’t stop, the girl looks helpless at the guardian, who pulls down the curtains and tells her not to worry about it. However, as he walks away, the student takes out his phone and dials a number. When the abusive man next door picks it up, she says, “Chetta, venda, pani kittum” – “Don’t, brother, you will be punished.”

“You will, without a doubt, receive it. This is not the Kerala of yesteryear. “No woman is alone here,” Malayalam actor Manju Warrier addresses the audience at the end of the film. “Women’s harassment, as well as the offering and receiving of dowry, are all serious offences” (by law). Every woman confronting such injustice should understand that she is not alone; a society is on her side.”

Veena George, Minister of Health, shared the one-and-a-half-minute video on her Facebook page. The film was produced by the Film Employees Federation of Kerala, or FEFKA. Indian Ad Filmmakers, or I AM, is producing the film alongside FEFKA.

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