Bevco will set up an advance payment system to avoid huge queues.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala’s government has begun measures to reduce crowding at Beverages Corporation (Bevco) outlets where liquor is sold, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday.

Among the initiatives launched in this regard is the establishment of facilities for making advance payments. “To avoid long lines in front of Bevco stores, special counters will be set up. Furthermore, outlets with a high volume of sales will have more counters “He stated.

“Also, other scientific methods to avoid queues will be used,” Pinarayi added.

The government action comes in response to widespread complaints about large crowds in front of Bevco stores across the state. Furthermore, the Kerala High Court had filed a suo motu case on the matter and ruled harshly against the government.

“Despite having a near-monopoly in sales, Bevco has failed to provide basic facilities at its outlets. Furthermore, Bevco forces around 500 people to queue for liquor purchases, whereas the state government limits the number of people at weddings to 20 “The court was observed.

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