Olympian Mayookha Johny,receives a death threat and refuses to back down.

Thrissur: Olympian Mayookha Johny has declared she will not back down after receiving a death threat last night for exposing the news of a friend who was raped.

Mayookha had detailed the event at a press conference in Thrissur last month. The athlete was then joined by the woman who had been identified as the rape victim by the athlete.

Mayookha claimed that a man named Chungath Johnson was the perpetrator and that he was threatening her companion.

It was on Saturday night that Mayookha received a letter that threatened her and family.

The former champion athlete told the journalists at her home on Sunday that she is concerned for her family’s safety. The ADGP has committed to provide witness protection, according to Mayookha.

“Yes, I am afraid,” Mayookha told reporters, “because if those people can threaten me and my family despite the incident being in the spotlight, they can hurt us.”

The triple jump national record holder said that an anonymous letter containing profanity threatened to sever her hands and legs. “According to the letter, Johnson chettan has done it before and will do so again. It was written that he would do this to you and your mother “Mayookha stated.

She claimed that in 2018, the accused Johnson confronted her. Mayookha stated that she was forced to speak to the media last month because the inquiry had not progressed.

She reported the letter to the police and the district collector, and she filed a complaint with the DGP.

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