5 Vastu Mistakes to Avoid to Bring Warmth and Positive Vibes into Your Home

We frequently do things while decorating our homes that are considered to have a negative vibe according to Vastu. So, here are five such blunders that you must avoid at all costs.

Avoid dark colours

Colors are essential for creating a positive atmosphere in your home. They have the ability to make you sad, happy, heal you, or depress you. So, whenever possible, avoid dark colours in favour of bright ones. Red represents power, blue represents serenity, white represents purity, orange represents warmth, green represents abundance, and yellow represents happiness.

Avoid cactus and thorny plants

Cactus and thorny plants should never be kept in the house, according to Vastu. Plants with red flowers, as well as bonsai trees, should be placed outside the house.

Painting and statue

Paintings and statues have a strong impact on the family. So, pick radha-krishna idols, paintings of white swans swimming together, and so on. Avoid painting with ominous marks, aggression, and abstract paintings in unusual colours. And select paintings of nature, prayer, temples, and so on.

Clutter-free bedroom

According to Vastu, having clutter in your bedroom can have a negative impact on your family. As a result, keep your bedroom clutter-free and clean with few possessions.

No overhead beams

Avoid having overhead beams because sitting under them will make you constantly worried about something. If you have overhead beams, balance them out with a lighting fixture or a chandelier.

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