Anushka and Virat celebrate Vamika’s six-month birthday: Cozy picnic pics go viral

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s 6-month-old daughter Vamika celebrated her 6-month birthday on Sunday, and the ‘Sultan’ actor took to Instagram to share gorgeous photos of their cosy picnic in a park in England.

Anushka Sharma was seen lying down in a recent photo, with Vamika resting on her chest. While Virat was taking the picture, Anushka was seen showing Vamika something in the sky.

In the following candid photo of Virat and Vamika, he can be seen smiling at her while holding her in his hands. Anushka commented on her Instagram account about posting these photos “Her single grin has the power to turn our entire world upside down! I hope we can both live up to the adoration you show us, little one. We wish you a happy six-month anniversary.”

The couple had their first child earlier this year and decided not to publish the baby’s face on social media. They also issued a joint statement, which reads: “Hello there, Thank you for all of the love you’ve shown us over the years. We are delighted to share this momentous occasion with you. We have a simple request for you as parents. We want to preserve our child’s privacy, and we need your help and support.”

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