Dispute in Kozhikode between traders and police over Covid-19 regulations

Kozhikode: Police struggled on Monday to keep agitating traders in Kozhikode city under control over the issue of opening shops on a regular basis.

The district was recently moved from the Covid-19 B-category to the C-category. Previously, stores could only be open three days a week. It can now only open once a week, which irritated the shop owners.

Protesters gathered on SM Street were told by police to disperse because regulations were in place. Ten traders were arrested for breaking the rules. The Epidemic Diseases Act will be used to file a case against them.

The traders believe that once the shops are open, people will crowd in, resulting in more virus transmission. Opposition leaders echoed this argument as well.

IUML leader and former minister PK Abdu Rabb compared the restrictions to the ‘Naranathu Branthan’ act on Saturday.

On Sunday, Kerala recorded 12,220 new cases.

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