Pandemic Positivity: Give yourself a treat by doing these four simple things.

Are you concerned that these unprecedented times will have an impact on your mental health? Then take a look at these ways to pamper yourself and feel better during these trying times.

Listen to your favourite music and dance to it.

Dancing has the ability to make us forget about our problems. Even if you are not a professional dancer, you can groove to your favourite songs to feel light, relaxed, and happy in these trying times.

Make a lavish meal.


Who doesn’t appreciate good food? Cook yourself a lavish meal after a long day of work meetings, assignments, and so on to pamper your tastebuds and relax and unwind in the best way possible.

Take a relaxing bubble bath.


Light those candles, decorate the tub, and crack open the most expensive bottle of wine you own to treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath and let the warm water wash away all your stress and tiredness.

Spend some money on online shopping.


Yes, these are uncertain times, and you should save your money. But it’s always a good idea to treat yourself every now and then. So go ahead and open your wish list and buy those heels you’ve been eyeing for ages!

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