7 reasons your spouse blames you for everything

Marriages work when both parties work equally hard to maintain and nurture the relationship. It all comes down to accepting equal responsibility and working hard to make it work. But, every now and again, your relationship will reach a point where your partner will not stop criticizing you for everything. There could be various causes for this, which you may or may not be aware of. Here are seven reasons why your husband accuses you of everything.

They have low self-esteem and confidence

A person who has low self-esteem and problems with confidence is more likely to cause conflict in a relationship. They are dissatisfied with themselves. As a result, when they are struggling, instead of seeking assistance, they blame the person next to them.

They are controlling

Some people expect things to be perfect, which is impossible in real life. They are adamant perfectionists who can’t stand it when someone goes against their will. As a result, if you fall short of their expectations, you are frequently criticized.

They are stressed

At times, life can be really stressful. If your partner has recently been under a lot of stress, they may be looking for a method to express their rage and frustration. As a result, they will blame you for everything and everything.

They are self-obsessed

A self-obsessed and narcissistic person will never accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Narcissists are always convinced that they are correct and look for someone else to blame. You will always feel the need to apologize for everything in your relationship.

They are unhappy

If your partner blames you for everything, it indicates that they are dissatisfied with the relationship. Rather than discussing the issues in your marriage, they hunt for a way to blame you for everything. You should act now if you truly want to make a difference.

They aren’t ready to change

Many people are afraid of change. They are unlikely to desire to be a part of something that asks them to change. Instead of changing them for the better, they wind up blaming you for all of your marriage’s flaws.

They don’t like taking responsibility

Some people are hesitant to accept full responsibility for their conduct. If something goes wrong, even if they are the ones who caused it, they will not accept responsibility. They frequently believe that they are putting more into a relationship than is actually the case.

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