Mathrukavacham’: Kerala’s programme to vaccinate pregnant women against COVID-19.

According to Health Minister Veena George, a campaign to vaccinate all pregnant women in Kerala against COVID-19, known as ‘Mathrukavacham,’ would begin soon. Ward-level ASHA personnel would be in charge of registering all pregnant women in their respective wards for COVID-19 vaccination.

Those who are able to register on their own will be urged to do so, according to a press release from the Minister’s office. Those who do not have smartphones or computers will be assisted by ASHA workers in their wards. All pregnant women in a subcenter must be registered and vaccinated, according to health workers.

At the district level, there will be particular days for vaccinating pregnant women. Vaccination centres will be outfitted with facilities to minimize their interaction with other people who come for vaccination (in light of the pandemic).

The announcement also stated that COVID-19 can have a negative impact on the health of pregnant women. It can be exacerbated in women over the age of 35, who are overweight, or who have co-morbidities such as diabetes or high blood pressure. It can also have an impact on the health of the unborn kid. According to Minister Veena, it is critical for pregnant women to get vaccinated. They can be combined with any of the country’s approved COVID-19 vaccinations.

Pregnant women can receive the vaccine at any stage of their pregnancy, according to Minister Veena. It would be much better if the women could receive both doses of the vaccine while pregnant. However, if a woman contracts COVID-19 while pregnant, she can only receive the vaccine after giving birth.

Other precautions taken by anybody receiving a vaccine are also applicable to pregnant women, including as wearing masks even after being vaccinated, keeping hands clean, and keeping physical distance from others.

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