The first COVID-19 patient in India has tested positive for coronavirus again 

On Tuesday, health officials in Thrissur, Kerala, said that a woman physician, who was India’s first COVID-19 case, had tested positive for the virus again (July 14). “COVID-19 has re-infected her. Her RT-PCR is positive, but she is negative for antigen. She is symptom-free “Dr. K J Reena, Thrissur’s DMO, said PTI.

Her samples were examined as she prepared to travel to New Delhi for research. Then, she stated, the RT-PCR result came back positive. The woman is currently at home and “doesn’t seem to be in any danger,” according to the doctor. The country’s first COVID-19 patient was a third-year medical student from Wuhan University who tested positive for coronavirus on January 30, 2020, just days after returning home after semester breaks.

She tested negative for the virus twice after nearly three weeks of treatment at the Thrissur Medical College Hospital, confirming her recovery, and was discharged on February 20, 2020.

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