After being cheated on in a relationship, here are three tips for moving on.

You recently discovered that the guy you’ve been dating has been lying to you about his marital status. You feel powerless and betrayed. Perhaps your lover has lately betrayed your confidence and you are unsure how to respond. Perhaps, like me, you’re still struggling with a 9-year-old heartbreak. Whatever the situation may be, all of these scenarios elicit strong emotions in you.

Emotions are neither good nor bad, nor are they male or female; they simply exist. We typically feel a lot in a short period of time, and if you’re in touch with your emotions, you may feel more than most people, which is fine. Our feelings are precious, and we must always be aware of them. Many of us avoid feeling sad, angry, or ashamed because exposing our sensitivity to others makes us feel uncomfortable. We live in a society that places a premium on putting on a happy front and encouraging people to believe they are happy while disregarding other equally vital feelings like despair. We’re taught to stay away from our feelings at all costs.

We must unlearn this old training by reminding ourselves that experiencing emotions is a source of energy that indicates our inner greatness, not a weakness. It takes practise to realize this, but it is achievable, especially with these three recommendations to help you embrace all of your emotions:

Laughter is the best medicine

When was the last time you laughed so hard that tears welled up in your eyes? They say that laughter is the best medicine, and in many respects, they are correct! Laughter has healing properties; it can make you and those around you happy. When we find something to chuckle at, our vision of the world improves. It’s even acceptable to laugh at yourself! It’s fine to be extremely contagious with your happiness. Hearing someone laugh during difficult circumstances can have a good impact on you and those around you. Having a hilarious perspective has a significant impact on how you choose to embrace and accept your emotions in their entirety.

Embrace all your emotions

You are more than your feelings. Many of us are terrified of being vulnerable with our emotions because we don’t want people to define us based on them. We don’t want our partners to see us cry because we’re terrified of being judged for feeling sad, anxious, or bereaved. Accepting our emotions begins with being aware of who we are as people. It entails being in the present moment and acknowledging our human existence. Allow yourself to untangle what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it if you’re experiencing any form of gloomy emotion. Consider the strength of your emotion and go through the motions without being attached to what you’re experiencing or making a hasty judgement that others will create an unfavourable view of you.

Treat others as you would treat yourself

Be fierce in your self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. Accepting your emotions leads you to the centre of your inner serenity and tranquillity. The energy of your divine nature nurtures you so that you can be the best version of yourself for the planet and beyond. Be kind to yourself, and then extend that kindness to others. We are sensitive and spiritual beings who are constantly exposed to energy and emotions. By recognising ours, we teach others to share in the glory because emotions are something to be embraced because they are our greatest gift.

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