Centre Warns; Don’t take COVID third wave predictions as weather update

New Delhi: The government claimed on Tuesday (July 13) that people are discussing about the third wave of coronavirus as casually as a weather update, and that massive violations of Covid-appropriate behaviour witnessed in numerous parts of the country could undo the accomplishments made so far in pandemic management.

NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr VK Paul said during a press conference that the third wave of COVID-19 is being seen around the world and urged the public to make steps to prevent it from reaching India. “The world is seeing COVID-19’s third wave. To prevent the third wave from hitting India, we must work together “During his speech, he remarked.

“We refer to the ‘third wave’ as if it were a weather report. This isn’t like making preparations to go somewhere before the rains; this is a war between a virus and a human being that is ongoing. More than the environment, our actions have the potential to trigger the third wave. What we don’t realise is that compliance with Covid-appropriate behaviour, or the absence thereof, is what will either prevent or trigger future waves “he stated

He also referred to tourist influx in hill stations and markets such as Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar and Janpath market, Chennai’s Ranganathan street, Tamil Nadu’s Vilaripatti, Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake, and Maharashtra’s Bhushi Dam as notable severe violations of Covid-appropriate behaviour.

The authorities had previously warned against thronging and cramming hill stations and marketplaces from the same platform, claiming that the second wave was not yet over.

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