PM provided all development support for Kerala projects, says CM

New Delhi: CM Pinarayi Vijayan told Prime Minister Narendra Modi he had a friendly conversation. He added that the Prime Minister supports the state’s development projects and promotes new projects. In addition, the LDF government welcomed the Chief Minister for retaining power.

The Prime Minister’s attention has been drawn to major development projects such as the Silver Line Project and the Half-Speed Project. He reacted positively to the programmes and assured everyone of their help. The CM also asked about domestic water shipping.

The issues of resistance to Covid were discussed with the Prime Minister and he was convinced that the stockpile of Covid was sufficient. This month, he said, Kerala requested 60 lakh vaccine doses.

The PM also brought to the attention of the long-term demand of AIIMS in the state and related issues and responded positively, said the Chief Minister at a press meeting.

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