Vijay is fined for claiming a tax exemption on a luxury car; the judge tells him to “be a real life hero.”

The Madras High Court fined actor Thalapathy Vijay Rs 1 lakh while dismissing his petition seeking entry tax exemption for UK-imported luxury cars.

The court ordered Vijay to pay the fine to the Chief Minister’s Corona Relief Fund within two weeks, urging him to act like a “real hero” rather than a “reel hero.”

In 2012, Vijay attempted to challenge the commercial tax department’s levy on the import of his Rolls Royce Ghost from England. The import tax is 20% of the vehicle’s purchase price.

The Madras High Court expressed strong displeasure with the actor’s request for tax exemption, saying that ‘evading taxes’ set a bad example in society.

According to Madras High Court Justice S M Subramaniam, the actor has large fan bases who regard him as a true hero.

Actors have risen to power in Tamil Nadu, and people believe they are real heroes, he says, adding that they are not expected to behave like movie stars.

Tax evasion, according to the judge, is anti-national and unconstitutional.

He questioned how actors who portray themselves as champions of social justice and who play anti-corruption characters in films could seek to evade taxes themselves.

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