Movie starring Mohanlal and Prithviraj Bro Daddy begins in Hyderabad

Bro Daddy, starring Mohanlal in the lead role, has begun filming on location in Hyderabad. Supriya Menon announced the end of Bro Daddy on her social media page, sharing a photo of Prithviraj sitting in front of the director’s monitor. This would be Prithviraj’s second film as a director, following the blockbuster Lucifer.

After the crew was denied permission to shoot in Kerala, the location of Bro Daddy was recently relocated to Telangana.

The shooting of seven films, including Bro Daddy has begun in Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, FEFKA and the Film Chamber have asked the chief minister to intervene immediately in order to save the film industry from a major crisis. Around nineteen labour unions registered with FEFKA question the logic of filming for television serials in the state while filming for feature films is prohibited.

The film industry has expanded into neighbouring states. Vineeth Sreenivasan’s film Hridayam, starring Pranav Mohanlal in the lead role, has also been relocated to Andhra Pradesh for 5 days of song shooting.

The’migration’ of Malayalam cinema to other states has exacerbated the workers’ predicament. Since the announcement of the first stage of lockdown, FEFKA has asked the government to look into the matter because the film industry has been asking for minimal aid that is only required for survival. FEFKA claimed that at least one dose of Covid 19 vaccination had been administered to its members. The Film Chamber has also warned that unless the government intervenes significantly, the state’s cinema industry will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, minister Saji Cherian, who oversees the film industry, stated that film crews could film in Telangana because it is such a beautiful state. The minister was responding to reports that Malayalam films were being relocated to other states. He told reporters that permission to begin filming would be granted only after consulting with experts.

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