Sister Lucy defends herself in the Kerala High Court after her lawyer withdraws

Sister Lucy Kalappura challenged her removal from the Franciscan Clarist Convent in Karakkamala in the Kerala High Court on Wednesday.

After the senior lawyer who was supposed to appear in the case abandoned her position, the nun was obliged to defend herself in court.

She stated to Asianet News, “Women who are unable to care for themselves are being thrown onto the streets. My situation is an example of this. “The church leadership is pushing me out of the protection of being a nun,” she explained, adding that “the situation is such that lawyers are not ready to take over my case.””

The Vatican rejected the third appeal challenging Sister Lucy’s expulsion from the FCC in June of this year. In relation to her expulsion, she received a new communique from the Vatican. Mother Superior of the FCC had sent a notice to Sister Lucy after the communiqué was issued, directing her to vacate her convent room.

She pleaded with the court not to throw her out on the street because she had been a nun for 39 years and needed to stay at the convent to continue her nunship.

“I am a nun on a mission to bring about justice. I used to teach at a Catholic school as well. It is critical for my nunship to remain at the convent. Please do not abandon me to the streets like so many other nuns in the past. I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

The Kerala High Court, on the other hand, ordered her to vacate the convent and promised her police protection if she did so.

Sister Lucy was told by Justice Raja Vijayaraghavan V that her choice of lodging was unimportant in this case.

“I cannot continue to provide police protection to you if you remain at the convent because you are no longer a recognised member of the congregation,” the bench said.

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