The bride was arrested by Pune police for riding in an SUV Bonnet; watch the viral footage

Everyone wants to make a grand entrance at their wedding reception. However, it appears that a Pune woman went a little too far with this concept. Yes, a 23-year-old woman made a great entrance by riding atop the hood of an SUV to her wedding reception, but she quickly ran into trouble. The woman and her family were arrested by Pune Police for breaking the Motor Vehicle Act after the stunt video went viral. In addition, the Covid standards were broken because no one was wearing a mask.

The automobile was in route to the wedding location (Saswad). The woman in bridal garb was observed sitting on the bonnet of a moving car as it travelled along the Dive Ghat, and a person on a bike was shooting her.

The woman, videographer, and other individuals in the SUV, including the driver, were allegedly charged under the Motor Vehicle Act and related parts of the Indian Penal Code, according to a report. View the video.

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