Wayanad Family stunned after 17 years when the missing daughter returned

Panamaram, Wayanad: Kali wept uncontrollably as she saw her daughter Priya for the first time in 17 years.

Kali is a native of Neervaram Ammani colony in Kerala’s Wayanad district. Her husband P K Suresh had left home with their 6-year-old daughter Priya, 17 years ago. Kali was left desolate, unaware of their whereabouts.

Suresh had abandoned the child at Wandoor’s Balasadanam. Priya, who attended Balasadanam, recently transferred to a ladies’ hostel.

Priya happened to meet V Rajani, a former panchayat member and Asha worker from Wandoor, and told her about her life. Her mother and siblings, she added, were living somewhere near the forest’s edge in Panamaram, Wayanad.

After hearing Rajini’s storey, E P Vinod, a DYFI activist from Thaloor, assisted in the investigation. Vinod contacted Rahul Raj, a member of the Anchukunnu DYFI zonal committee, and V C Ajith, a member of the Panamaram panchayat.

Priya’s family was found with the assistance of Panamaram panchayat members Shibu and Kalyani. Priya returned home on July 13th, where she met her mother and two siblings.

Priya, a final-year PG Sanskrit student, has returned to Wandoor to further her studies.

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