Mayookha Johny and 9 others booked over forgery; false rape claim

Thrissur: Aloor Police in Kerala’s Thrissur district has filed a case against ten people, including Olympian Mayookha Johny, for fabricating a rape allegation. Among those arrested are a few leaders of the Emperor Emmanuel Church, an independent religious organisation based in Muriyad, Thrissur.

Mayookha Johny is an Indian international long jump and triple jump athlete.

The case was filed in response to a court order based on a complaint filed by Sabu, a former trustee of the Church.

The Church’s chief patron, Nisha Sebastian, and trustees Umesh Jose, Naveen Paul, P P Shanto, Mayookha, and five others are now accused of making false allegations.

Sabu filed the case against Mayookha, accusing him of threatening the Olympian and accusing another former trustee, Johnson, of rape. He claimed that the allegations of rape were based on forged documents. He also produced two CDs containing evidence of the group’s conspiracy and forgery of documents.

Previously, Mayookha claimed that she had received an anonymous threat letter requesting that she drop her fight for a friend who had filed a rape case against a powerful person in March of this year.

Mayookha claimed, citing the letter, that if she continues to fight for the rape victim, she and her family will be killed.

She told reporters that she had filed a complaint with the state police chief, requesting that an investigation be conducted.

Mayookha held a press conference here last month, levelling serious allegations against the Kerala Police and former chairperson of the Kerala Women’s Commission (KWC) M C Josephine in connection with the investigation into her friend’s rape in 2016.

Mayookha claimed that a man, Chungath Johnson, raped her friend. He also allegedly took the latter’s naked photos and used them to blackmail her.

She also claimed that police, after initially promising action, became inactive due to the intervention of powerful people in favour of the accused. The allegations surfaced after Josephine resigned as chairperson of the Commission in the wake of widespread outrage over her remarks to a woman who had complained about domestic violence.

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