Netflix will provide additional measures to make its OTT platform safer for families and children.

New Delhi, India Netflix is about to unveil two new services that will let families connect with their favourite series and flicks.

According to Mashable India, the streamer will debut an upgrade to the platform in the form of a ‘bi-weekly kids recap email’ that will be given to parents from Netflix and would include information about their child’s likes and tastes.

The mail will include recommendations based on their child’s favourite shows and movies, printable colouring sheets and activities inspired by their child’s favourite characters, top themes or topics charts that show the types of programmes their child enjoys the most, and tips on how to use their child’s Netflix features.

According to Mashable India, the second update is the addition of the ‘Kids Top 10 rows,’ which will display the most popular children’s material in the subscriber’s country.

If a subscriber has access to this information, it will be much easier for them to discover and explore diverse kid-friendly material on the platform.

“Shows and movies are a crucial way for kids to engage with the world—helping to teach them about new locations, develop ties with family or friends, and appreciate diverse views,” wrote Jennifer Nieva, Netflix’s director of product innovation, in a blog post.

According to Mashable India, both changes will begin going out to Netflix subscribers globally immediately.

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