The first case of COVID-19 has been discovered in the athletes’ village, causing concern ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

TOKYO: A person has tested positive for COVID-19 at the Tokyo Olympic athletes’ village, according to organisers on Saturday, in the first such case, adding to concerns about illnesses at the Games, which begin next week.

Toshiro Muto, CEO of Tokyo 2020, stated that a foreign visitor involved in the Games’ organisation had tested positive. He refused to divulge the person’s nationality, citing concerns about privacy.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which were postponed by a year due to the global pandemic, are being hosted with few spectators and strict quarantine regulations.

Athletes are just beginning to arrive for the Games, which will take place from July 23 to August 8.

The public in Japan has been ambivalent about the Olympics, owing to a rise in new coronavirus illnesses and concerns that an influx of foreign visitors could help transform the Tokyo Olympics into a super-spreader event, putting further strain on Japan’s already overburdened medical system.

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