The production of Jawan’ liquor is in doubt when 1.75 lakh litres of contaminated spirit were found.

Pathanamthitta: A new crisis has erupted in the manufacturing of ‘Jawan’ liquor in the Travancore Sugars and Chemicals Limited (TCSL) in Thiruvalla, which has been halted for two weeks. Contaminants were discovered in the tanks’ 1.75 lakh litres of mixed spirit. With this, the Excise Department has mandated that the spirit be purified once more.

After some higher-ranking TCSL officials were arrested in a spirit theft case two weeks earlier, the booze manufacturing was halted. The impurities were discovered during a chemical test conducted prior to the whiskey being filled into bottles. The results of the test revealed that the spirit is unfit for human consumption.

The blended spirit in the tanks must be cleansed before being tested again. According to Excise officials, the company would be granted permission to load the booze in bottles and make a new batch of liquor only once the test results are positive.

The Beverages Corporation, on the other hand, said that while the first test result was negative, the second test revealed positive results. The Excise, on the other hand, was adamant that this conclusion should not be taken into account and that the spirit should be cleaned anew.

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