There is no scientific evidence in Mayookha’s complaint about a friend’s rape, police tells court

Thrissur: The Police found no scientific evidence in Olympian Mayookha Johny’s complaint regarding the rape of her friend in 2016. The police submitted a report to the High Court stating that the alleged rape lacks scientific evidence and that they are investigating it solely on circumstantial evidence.

The victim petitioned the Supreme Court, claiming that the investigation was not going in the right direction. Following that, SP Poonguzhali filed the investigation report in court. The incident is said to have occurred in 2016, and neither the tower location nor the phone details from that time are known. As a result, the complaint cannot be scientifically verified, according to the report.

The scientific investigation now reveals that the accused was present 5 kilometres away from the hospital and is clear of the tower location. The statement of the doctor who examined the victim has been recorded by police. The police report contained all of this information.

The incident occurred in 2016, and the Olympian made serious allegations against Kerala police and a former state women’s commission official in connection with the rape of her friend in 2016. Mayookha claimed that her friend was raped by a man who took naked photos of her and used them to blackmail her.

Following a court directive on a complaint from a former trustee of a local religious outfit, police filed a case against Olympian Mayookha Johny and nine others for allegedly raising false rape allegations.

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