Why is it better to marry late than to marry the wrong person early?

People are pressured by society to marry by a specific age. Those who go beyond this are labelled as rebels or ridiculed for not marrying. Why is it that society assumes that those who would rather marry later than be with someone they don’t want to be with have something wrong with them? For centuries, men and women have been chastised for remaining single in order to marry the right person later. Here are a few reasons why marrying later is preferable to marrying the wrong person too soon.

When you wait a long time to meet the proper person, your odds of marrying someone who is incompatible with you decrease immediately. It becomes a more reasonable justification for a happy marriage if you decide to wait a long time rather than agree to marry someone simply because “you have attained the age.” Many people stay dissatisfied in their relationships in order to avoid the chaos of divorce.

If making your own decisions is important to you, marrying later is a fantastic alternative. You won’t have to conform to cultural standards; you can forego the societally prescribed marriageable age and marry on your own terms. You won’t have to weigh others’ opinions on when you should marry.

When you marry young, you may find yourself rushing through life phases for which you are not prepared. Having children after two years of marriage and neglecting them later on, for example, is a far worse job than marrying late. Whereas in the latter, you are refreshingly sure about the commitments you want to make, helping you ease out in the difficult phases of life

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