COVID-19 infections are on the rise at the Tokyo Olympics, as more athletes test positive

TOKYO: Tokyo Olympics organisers reported three new cases of COVID-19 infection among athletes on Sunday (July 18), up from one new case the day before, as the population of the athlete village grows ahead of the start of the pandemic-hit Games next week.

Organisers reported ten new cases involving Olympic personnel, including media, contractors, and other personnel, down from 15 on Saturday.

On arrival in Tokyo, a member of the International Olympic Committee from South Korea tested positive for the coronavirus. Ryu Seung-min, a former Olympic athlete, is vaccinated, demonstrating the risk of infection even among vaccinated attendees.

Infection rates in the capital’s general population are rising, with 1,000 new cases reported for four days in a row. According to polls, many Japanese people oppose holding the Games and the influx of foreign visitors that it entails.

Tokyo’s rainy season ended on Friday, bringing blue skies and scorching heat. Virus countermeasures such as masking have increased the burden on participants.

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