In Uttar Pradesh, three girls aged 8 to 12 drowned while taking pictures on a boat.

Three girls drowned in a pond in Deoria on Saturday after their boat capsized as they were snapping selfies, according to a top government official. The girls were between the ages of 8 and 12.

On Friday evening, seven girls went on a boat ride in Mahadev Taal, which is located in the Bhaluani police station area. When the boat overturned, they were taking selfies, according to District Magistrate Ashutosh Niranjan.

Three of the girls drowned, while four others managed to swim to safety. According to him, one of the four females who survived was admitted to Gorakhpur Medical College in a critical condition.

According to Niranjan, the boatman was also able to swim to safety.


He stated that the relatives of the deceased will receive government compensation in accordance with the rules.

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