At Thrissur Medical College, 60 students tested positive for Covid

Mulankunnathukavu: Covid-19 has confirmed 60 medical students at Thrissur Medical College. The disease was discovered in students from the MBBS and PG batches. Aside from them, ten patients who underwent surgery also tested positive for Covid.

Classes for both batches were cancelled because the students had been confirmed with Covid. 50 MBBS students and 10 PG students tested positive for Covid. The disease was also confirmed in PG students working in the gynaecology and surgery departments.

The authorities stated that the decision to close the hostel would be made soon. The vast majority of students who tested positive had been immunised.

Covid was diagnosed in about ten patients in the post-surgery ward. According to reports, several employees of the Indian Coffee House on the hospital grounds were also infected with the disease.

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