Pranav Mohan imitates his dad Mohanlal’s trademark look in Hridayam!

The creators of actor Pranav Mohanlal’s next film Hridayam presented the actor’s character poster as a birthday treat for fans on the actor’s birthday. Vineeth Sreenivasan, who shared the poster, wrote: “Appu is a subject on which I have a lot to say. But I suppose I’ll hold off till the film is released and people have seen it. For the time being, I’ll leave the poster up!! #Hridayam @pranavmohanlal #Hridayam @pranavmohanlal #Hridayam @pranavmohanlal #Hridayam @pranavmo”

With a camera in hand, the handsome star youngster flashes his million-dollar smile on the poster. Surprisingly, the poster resembles Mohanlal’s iconic photographer role from the blockbuster Chithram. Several Mohanlal fans have noted this on social media, and Pranav has been praised for channelling his father’s charisma. Take a peek at the advertisement.

Hridayam stars Kalyani Priyadarshan and Darshana Rajendran and is directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan. The film was intended for an Onam release last year and was billed as a slice-of-life romantic musical drama. The release was delayed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new release date is yet unknown.


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