Four more Zika infections have been reported in Kerala, reaching a total of active cases at 42

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Wednesday that four more people tested positive for Zika virus in the state, bringing the total number of cases to 42, five of which are active.

According to the minister, two inhabitants of Anayara, aged 26 and 37, one individual (25) from Pettah, and a health worker from Kottayam who had recently travelled to the state capital were diagnosed with Zika.

The virus was confirmed in tests done at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College’s virology lab, according to the minister, who also stated that the health of all afflicted people was currently satisfactory.

The health service has taken efforts to test the blood of persons who have had close contact with the sick, and those who live near him are being watched for signs.

The effort to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds in the area has also been stepped up, according to the announcement.

The first case of Zika infection outside of the state capital was reported on July 17 by a health worker from Ernakulam who was working in Thiruvananthapuram.

Mild fever and edoema (swelling caused by extra fluid trapped in the body’s tissues) are the most prevalent Zika virus symptoms. Redness in the eyes, muscle aches, and weariness are all possible side effects for some persons. Symptoms can last anywhere between two and seven days.

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