Salman Khan refutes a troll’s claim that he has a wife, Noor, and a 17-year-old daughter in Dubai!

New Delhi: Trolls can accuse somebody to any extent they want, without considering the consequences. When a celebrity is on the receiving end, things get even worse. Salman Khan addressed a few rumors about him during an appearance on his brother Arbaaz Khan’s chat program, Pinch 2, recently.

The show’s concept is that the guest responds to trolls and their comments. While the majority of comments for Bhaijaan appear to be encouraging, a few trolls attempted to bring him down online. One such troll comment, which Arbaaz posted, read: “Darpok, kahan chhupa baitha hai. Bharat mein sab jaante hain ke tu apni biwi Noor aur 17 saal ki beti ke saath hain ke tu Dubai mein apni biwi Noor aur 17 saal ki beti ke saath hain. kab tak murkh banaiga bharat ke log ko kab tak murkh banaiga bharat ke log ko kab t”

Salman Khan hit back at the rumours, adding, “These individuals are quite well-informed. This is just nonsense. I’m not sure who they’ve mentioned or where they’ve posted. Is this person really expecting me to respond in a dignified manner? I don’t have a wife, brother. Since I was nine years old, I’ve lived in India in Galaxy Apartments. I’m not responding to this individual because everyone in India knows where I reside.”

When asked on the show whether he would hire Katrina Kaif or Disha Patani as a social media strategist, he said Katrina because “she is the most reasonable on social media.”

Ananya Panday, Tiger Shroff, Farhan Akhtar, Kiara Advani, Rajkummar Rao, and Farah Khan are among the celebrities who have appeared on Pinch season 2.

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