Search still on for fake lawyer sessi Xavier

Alappuzha: A manhunt is underway for a 27-year-old woman who reportedly practised law in Alappuzha without the proper qualifications.

Sessi Xavier, a Kuttanad native, went into hiding after the fraud was exposed, and her phone was turned off. The woman’s phone number is being collected in order to locate her.

Sessi is believed to have fled Alappuzha in March, according to the police. But, according to advocates, she later ran for and won a Bar Association election, and she remained in Alappuzha until one week ago.

Sessi has been charged with practising law by providing false information.

According to the complaint made by the Bar Association’s office-bearers, the documents presented by Sessi to obtain membership were discovered to be missing. Following her election as Librarian in the Bar Association poll, the woman is suspected of moving or destroying these records.

The Bar Association conducted an investigation and discovered that Sessi had given the roll number of an advocate in Thiruvananthapuram when applying for membership. After receiving an anonymous letter on June 15, the investigation was launched. Sessi was given 24 hours to provide an explanation, but she did not do so. She was afterwards kicked out of the Association. Following that, the Association filed a police report.

Abilash Soman, the secretary of the Bar Association, filed the lawsuit.

According to the allegation, the woman had been practising law in Alappuzha for two and a half years without passing the LLB exam or registration with the Bar Council, and had mislead the court and other advocates.

A case should also be initiated against her on counts of fraud and impersonation, according to the complaint.

Initially, the woman stated that she had studied law in Thiruvananthapuram. She later claimed to have finished her education in Bengaluru.

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