4 Signs he’s becoming at ease in the relationship

A new relationship can be fascinating and exciting. It evokes feelings of passion and affection. One look at your companion is enough to give you butterflies in your tummy! While a new relationship has its own set of obstacles, it also has its fair share of joy.

There will come a time in your relationship when both of you will be comfortable enough with each other to let go of the superficialities and simply be themselves. So, here are four tell-tale signals that your partner has become increasingly at ease around you and is here to stay!

He can say anything to you

He has reached a point in the relationship where he feels comfortable saying and discussing anything with you. He feels comfortable enough to be himself around you and be truthful, from discussing his flaws and insecurities to voicing his disagreement with some of your ideas.

Silence is no longer awkward.

Remember those awkward occasions when you and your partner didn’t have anything to say but tried to bring up a completely irrelevant topic simply to keep the conversation going? Such things, however, never longer occur! Even in complete silence, he is at ease around you, and there is no need for him or you to suffer through awkward silences.

He doesn’t always dress up.

He was constantly well-groomed and dressed up at the start of the relationship, and he was increasingly conscious about his looks. But now he’s at ease enough to go around in his sweats or boxers around you since he’s secure enough not to bother about such trivialities.

He texts you for no apparent reason.

He doesn’t need an excuse to text you anymore. He’s gotten to the point where he’ll text you just to talk to you because he misses your presence. There is no reason for him to text you.

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