After 1.28L tests on Friday, there were 17,518 new COVID cases in Kerala

On Friday, Kerala reported 17,518 new COVID cases and 11,067 recoveries.

With this, the state’s active COVID cases increased to 1,35,198.

A total of 30,83,962 people have been cured of the disease so far.

Of the new cases, 16,638 were infected through contact, 110 were from outside the state, and 70 were healthcare workers.

In the last 24 hours, 1,28,489 samples were tested.

So far, 2,59,50,704 samples have been tested.

The state’s test positivity rate (TPR) is 13.63.

The districts of Malappuram, Thrissur, and Kozhikode had the most cases – 2871, 2023, and 1870, respectively.

On Friday, a total of 132 COVID deaths were confirmed.

The state’s COVID death toll now stands at 15,871.

Currently, 4,18,496 people are being watched across the state.

3,92,805 are being quarantined at home or in institutions, while 25,691 are in hospitals.

The following are the key points from the CM’s press conference:

Government offices, public offices, corporations, and so on can function with 50% staff in categories A and B. Only 25% of staff is permitted in Category C areas.

The remaining 50% of staff in the A, B, and C categories, as well as 25% of staff in the C category, must be involved in COVID-19 prevention activities.

Only essential services will be available in areas classified as D.

According to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, there is no scientific evidence that children are more vulnerable to the delta-variant.


Only 4% of children have been infected thus far, and the fatality rate among children is also lower, according to the CM.

Even if we achieve herd immunity, we will not be able to lift the COVID-19 restrictions, according to the CM.

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