Arjun Aayanki’s friend Ramees dies in car accident

Arjun Ayanki’s companion Ramees, who was involved in the Karipur gold smuggling case, died in a car accident on Friday. Ramees was brought to the hospital following the accident at Kannur’s Azhikode, but he was unable to be saved.

He was coming home after dropping off his mother at a relative’s house when he was involved in an accident. Customs had questioned Ramees in relation to the gold smuggling case.

The accident happened at 12 a.m. on Thursday. Ramees’ bike is thought to have collided with a moving vehicle. Ramees, who was hurt in the collision, was sent to a Kannur private hospital. His ribcage and head were badly injured. He died this morning as a result of his injuries.

Arjun Aayanki has a good friend named Ramees. After allegations about Ramees’ involvement with Arjun Aayanki in the gold smuggling case, a Customs raid was conducted at his home, but nothing was discovered.

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