Common Habits Those Are Dangerous as Smoking

12% of world smokers are in India .10 million people dies every year year due to smoking.  But there are habits that are as fatal as smoking. We often ignore these kind of habits but they have the potential of causing us the same harm as smoking do.

Poor diet

Many of us are in love with processed foods, junk foods, and foods rich in salt and sugars and dont  include vegetables and fruits in our diet. This habit forms lot of diseases like obesity, diabetes, etc. There is an increasing index of obesity among men and women, in urban areas.

Sleep deprivation

Sitting hours before the screen aids in sleep deprivation . The blue light from the screen leads to strained eyes, blurred vision, and even cataracts.


It is proven that loneliness can affect your overall health because it has impact on brain health. Studies shows  connection between loneliness and developing diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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