In Thrissur Medical College, over 100 health workers and 44 inpatients are tested for COVID+ve

Thrissur: The coronavirus is rapidly spreading at Thrissur Medical College, with 44 general ward inmates and 37 bystanders recently testing positive. Covid-19 has already infected nearly 50 nurses.

According to sources, the virus spread due to unscientific management of the Covid-19 duty shifts of the health workers.

The health workers in the Covid-19 wards returned to work after two days off without taking the COVID test, whereas the negative certificate is required for non-Covid-19 patients and bystanders.

Recently, 45 MBBS students and 10 PG students from the college tested positive. They were assigned to different wards.

The college dormitory was closed, and the exams were held online.

It has been learned that the health workers disagree on the assignment of Covid-19 duty shifts.

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