4 Signs He Isn’t Really Into You

So you’ve been chatting to this man for a while now, but you’re not sure how he feels about you because he sends you confusing signals. On some occasions, you get the impression that he is eager to talk to you, while on others, you get the impression that he is unconcerned about you or your feelings!

If he ignores you more than he indulges you, chances are he isn’t all that into you. Do you feel abandoned and ignored by him on a regular basis? Then keep an eye out for these four symptoms if you suspect he is taking you for granted and is not prioritizing you.


He is never responsive on time.

When you text him, he never responds quickly. He is usually too distracted with something else to respond to your text right away, and he is always ready with an excuse!

He never goes above and beyond.

You are always the one who makes an attempt to keep the discussion continuing. He does not initiate the conversation, nor does he ever show interest in it, nor does he go out of his way to ensure that it does not result in a dead end.

He disregards you.

When you call him or meet him in public, he tries to ignore you rather than acknowledge your existence. If he does not greet you with zeal and a twinkle in his eyes. Then he’s probably not interested in you.

He doesn’t appear to be interested in knowing more about you.

When you do chat to him, the topic is always about him and his interests and goals. He never asks you about your feelings and thoughts, or your future plans; it’s basically a one-sided conversation.

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