BDJS calls for appointing non-Brahmins as Sabarimala priest

BDJS has called for non-Brahmins to be considered as priests at Sabarimala temple.

The Travancore Devaswom Board, on the other hand, believes that the current system in Sabarimala adheres to the tradition of Brahmins performing poojas in Sabarimala. N Vasu, president of the TDB, assured that it would be taken into consideration through proper discussion.

For a long time, BDJS has been actively raising this demand. The BJP, on the other hand, remains silent on the subject. Given the sensitivity of the situation, the board would not make any rash decisions in this regard. The board adheres to the High Court-approved system of appointing Brahmins as temple priests.

“If all segments of society do not object, we can make a decision after careful consideration. A hasty decision in this regard is unlikely to occur anytime soon “Vasu stated. According to sources, the BDJS made this demand without consulting with its NDA ally, the BJP. As a result, the TDB and government have interpreted the move as an attempt to incite a new controversy in Sabarimala.


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