Clubhouse users’ phone numbers up for sale on dark web

New Delhi: Millions of Clubhouse users’ phone numbers have allegedly been leaked and are for sale on the Dark Web. The popular audio chat app’s dataset only contains mobile phone numbers and no other information. “On the #Darknet, a database of phone numbers of #Clubhouse users is for sale,” leading cybersecurity expert Jiten Jain tweeted.

“It also includes phone numbers from users’ phonebooks that have been synced. So even if you haven’t had a Clubhouse login, chances are you’re listed “Jain continued.

The audio chat app, on the other hand, has yet to confirm the alleged data leak. According to Rajshekhar Rajaharia, an independent security researcher, the hacker is selling alleged Clubhouse data that only contains mobile numbers without names.

“There are no names, photos, or other details available. This phone number list is very simple to create. The data leak claim appears to be false “IANS spoke with Rajaharia.

Researchers at Stanford University in the United States warned in February that the app may be leaking users’ audio data to the Chinese government.

According to the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), Agora, a Shanghai-based provider of real-time engagement software, provides back-end infrastructure for the Clubhouse app.

Clubhouse recently announced that it is no longer in beta and is now available to everyone.

The company stated that it has removed its waitlist system so that anyone can join the platform without difficulty.

The company also stated that 10 million people have joined the community since its launch on Android in mid-May.

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