Four key suspects in the Karuvannur bank scam have been arrested by police

Thrissur: Four key suspects in the Karuvannur bank fraud case were arrested here on Sunday. The accused was apprehended by police from a flat in Ayyanthole here. The CCTV footage recovered from an Ayyanthole supermarket assisted the police in apprehending the accused.

Sunilkumar, Biju, Jils, and Bijoy, the main accused, were apprehended. By the evening, police will have registered their arrest. It has been revealed that police already had information that the suspects were in Thrissur.

Following the discovery of the Rs 100 crore scam, the Co-operative Registrar dissolved the administrative panel of Karuvannur Co-operative Bank, which was led by CPI. The Co-operative Registrar inferred that the Board of Directors, presided over by KK Divakaran, was aware of the bank’s fraud, which resulted in its dissolution. M C Ajith, Assistant Registrar (General), Mukundapuram, was later appointed as the Administrator of Karuvannur Bank.

Four people, including the bank’s secretary, were suspended as a result of the scam. Former Secretary Sunilkumar, former Branch Manager Biju, former Senior Accountants Jils, and supermarket accountants Reji Anil, Kiran, and Bijoy were all charged.

The accused were charged with treason, fraud, and preparing forged documents. T R Sunilkumar and Biju are members of the CPM local committee, and Jils is a party member.

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