Spot registration disrupts Kerala’s Covid-19 vaccination drive

Thiruvananthapuram: At a time when the state government claims that the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine in the state is flawless and effective, reports have surfaced revealing a completely messed-up distribution system with a preference given to spot registration. Vaccine booking through the Cowin portal is not working properly.

The allotted jabs are divided among local body members and health workers, who then distribute them to their preferred recipients. Crowds form in front of vaccination centres as a result of spot registration, which occasionally leads to law and order issues.

Many people complain that they do not receive the second dose after being notified by the registration portal. Despite the fact that the state government has designated more than 60 categories as ‘priority,’ no such options are available on the Cowin portal.

The first dose was given to all frontline workers, including health workers. The second dose was administered to 82% of the participants. The first dose was administered to 75% of the population over the age of 45. Only 19% of those between the ages of 18 and 44 received the first dose.

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