Did you know that Captain Vikram Batra’s first love refused to marry him after he was martyred? Take a look at their everlasting love Story

New Delhi:  Captain Vikram Batra, the Paramveer martyr of the Kargil war, continues to inspire young people. Captain Vikram Batra’s bravery during the Kargil war was admirable, and the country will never forget his sacrifice. Today, however, let us delve deep into the storey of Captain Vikram Batra’s true love and his girlfriend’s sacrifices, which are uncommon in today’s era.

The two met while attending Punjab University.

Captain Vikram Batra met his love while studying for his MA in English at Punjab University. They began as friends, and their friendship blossomed into love. Both had agreed to marry and live together.

The wedding was supposed to take place after the Kargil war.

“He had informed us about his special friend and asked us to stop looking for a girl to marry him,” Captain Vikram Batra’s father, GL Batra, said. They were both completely devoted to each other. The family had decided that when Captain Vikram Batra returned from the Kargil war, they would marry off.

Their ‘love storey’ was left unfinished after his martyrdom.

Unfortunately, fate intervened and prevented this love storey from being completed. Captain Vikram Batra was 25 years old when he died in the Kargil War. Captain Vikram Batra returned home wrapped in a tricolour shroud while his parents were preparing for their marriage. Captain Vikram Batra’s girlfriend came to Palampur after his martyrdom to bid him farewell. It was here that Captain Vikram Batra’s parents met the girl for the first time. When she revealed that she will not marry anyone else, everyone gasped. It was not an easy decision for a twenty-two-year-old girl to spend her entire life alone.

Captain Vikram Batra’s father, GL Batra, describes their bond as “true love,” which is rare in today’s world. “Till today, that girl has not married; they have decided that she will now spend her entire life with the help of Vikram Batra’s memories,” the martyr’s father said.

Surprisingly, Captain Vikram Batra’s parents persuaded the girl and urged her to remarry, but she remained firm in her vow. She told Captain Vikram Batra’s father that she couldn’t marry anyone else because her entire life was now dedicated to Captain Vikram Batra’s memory.

The Kargil war ended 22 years ago on Monday (July 26), and it has been an equal amount of time since Captain Vikram Batra was killed. Captain Vikram Batra’s love storey may not be complete, but his pledge of love, dedication, and sacrifice has immortalised their love storey. Young people who want to give their lives for their country will be inspired by Captain Vikram Batra’s valour in the Kargil war and his love storey of true love.

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