Sonu Sood Pledges To Set Up Mobile Tower In Wayanad For Kids to Attend Online Classes

On screen villain but real life hero, no matter what problem arises in India, he has a solution for everything, it’s probably Sonu Sood. The actor who won million hearts for his benevolent deeds .

Sonu Sood had made a promise to help the children of Wayanad were many reports on how poor connectivity in rural and tribal areas of Wayanad affected kids’ studies are coming . Many areas doesn’t have  network, which hinders the education of kids who have no option left but to take online classes.

“No one will miss their education. Tell everyone in Wayanad, Kerala, that we are sending a team to install a mobile tower. @Karan_Gilhotra. let’s fasten our seat belts; it is time for another Mobile Tower. @SoodFoundation.” wrote Sonu sood

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