4 Instagram Tricks to Get Your Crush’s Attention

Social media is an excellent approach to attract your crush’s attention. Instead of writing them a message, you might simply upload an image or a meme to get their attention. There are numerous ways to elicit a response from your crush on Instagram, such as posting a related story or a cute photo of yourself!

So we’re here to assist you and recommend some of the greatest techniques to begin up a conversation with your sweetheart on Instagram! Take a look at some of these ideas below.

Leave a comment on their posts

Make it a point not to do this on a regular basis. Make an effort to remark on their blogs on a regular basis. You can complement them or flirt with them by using a lot of emojis in your remarks to express your interest in them.

Post your best self-portraits.

It is critical to publish cute photographs of oneself in order to get your crush’s attention! They can be of any type, as long as you look nice in them.

Respond to their narratives

Replying to someone’s Instagram stories is the simplest method to start a discussion with them. By responding to their tale, you can simply enter your crush’s DMs. However, don’t come seem as desperate when speaking with them, and keep it casual.

Create subtitles that are both amusing and flirtatious.

Try to add witty and flirty captions for your articles or stories to get your crush’s attention. Keep in mind when writing the caption that you want to write something that will entice them to message and talk to you.


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