Adorable girl performs a great impersonation of Mirabai Chanu’s Olympic Silver Medal Lift, leaving netizens speechless

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu won India’s first medal at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday, taking silver in the women’s 49kg weightlifting event, inspiring many across the country.

This remarkable performance serves as motivation for all female weightlifters who wish to build a name for themselves. The fact that little girls are now imitating her and aspiring to be like her demonstrates how motivating her victory was.

Weightlifter Sathish Sivalingam tweeted a video on Tuesday of a young girl, likely his daughter, lifting weights and impersonating Chanu as if she were collecting the medal on the Olympic stage.

In the video, the girl powders her hands before bending down to the barbell and raising it. She then gestures around while wearing a medal, like the television in the backdrop shows actual footage of Chanu’s weightlifting.

Weightlifter and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Sathish Sivalingam captioned the video, “Junior @mirabai chanu this is called the inspiration.”

Netizens have gone nuts for this sweet video, which has received 54.6 thousand likes on Twitter so far.

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