Begging is a function of poverty: The Supreme Court refuses to take a ‘elitist stance’ on removing beggars from the streets

The Supreme Court stated on Tuesday that it would not take a ‘elitist stance’ and issue orders prohibiting beggars from begging under the Covid-circumstances.

In issuing a notice to the Delhi government and the Centre to respond on how vaccination of people who need help from the state can be done, Justice Chandrachud stated that begging is a socioeconomic problem that cannot be solved by a Supreme Court directive.

“Begging is a result of poverty. Nobody wants to grovel. They have no other option “While declining the prayer to keep the homeless from begging on the streets, Justice Chandrachud said.

“People are forced to beg on the streets in order to make ends meet in the absence of education and employment. It is a social-economic issue that cannot be solved in this manner “the bench, which also included Justice MR Shah, stated.

The petition was filed by an individual named Kush Kalra, who sought to prohibit homeless people from begging at traffic intersections, markets, and public places in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across India. The petition also requested that they be rehabilitated.

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