Mukesh is a nice guy, but he’s not a good husband: Methil Devika

Mukesh, the actor-politician, appears to be on the verge of divorce, as his marital ties with his second wife have frayed.

Mukesh’s wife, Methil Devika, has filed for divorce in family court.

Devika spoke exclusively to a news channel about her decision to divorce the two-time legislator who represented the Kollam Legislative Assembly constituency in Kerala.

“I have no adverse feelings towards Mukesh and the choice to split is purely a personal decision,” Devika stated.

“I was just waiting for the elections to be over with. Then I met with my lawyer and informed him of my decision. Mukesh’s family does not bother me. Many fake news stories are being spread as a result of this, which I must say is completely false,” she added.

She blamed the numerous controversies on political motivations. “They are solely due to his political position. Before entering politics, he was aware of the potential consequences and was prepared to face them. All the negativity didn’t bother him. As far as I know, he is a good human being,” dancer Devika clarified.

She did, however, admit that she didn’t understand him. “Even though we had been married for eight years, I couldn’t understand him as a husband. He was a terrible husband. So, no matter how long I live with him, I will never understand him. As a result, I decided to split,” Devika explained her motivation.

She also stated that she has nothing to gain from this breakup and has no intention of gaining anything by ending this relationship. “Even though we are separated, we hope to remain good friends,” she concluded.

Due to personal differences with Mukesh, Devika has been staying in her ancestral home in Palakkad for the past few months.

Mukesh was previously married to Saritha, a well-known South Indian actress. However, the couple divorced in 2011. The couple is the parents of two sons.

Mukesh found love for the second time in 2013, when he married Devika.

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