I don’t make judgement on those who choose pornography as a career: Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend, has spoken out about Raj Kundra’s arrest

In a case involving the production and distribution of pornographic content, actress Shilpa Shetty’s businessman husband Raj Kundra has been sentenced to 14 days in judicial custody. Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s rumoured former girlfriend, responded to the controversy by saying she doesn’t judge those who are involved in it.

“The mere taboo of talking about sex or porn ignites more curiosity,” Somy Ali said, according to the Hindustan Times. Personally, I don’t pass judgement on those who make a living out of pornography as long as no one is harmed or sexually trafficked. It is critical that no form of coercion be used.

Otherwise, it is neither my nor anyone else’s business what anyone chooses to do sexually. We have no right to pass judgement on others. I have nothing against people who engage in or make a living out of pornography.”

She also discussed the importance of sex education in light of the fact that times are changing and that bold content is being shown in web series and films.

I deem this to be a cinematic and artistic progression. Intimate love has no meaning without intimacy, hence, kissing or depicting scenes of passion should and must be a norm. It’s a step forward and it’s about time that in 2021 we are able to create such art and be more realistic when it comes to the normalcy of humans being sexual creatures. The more nonchalant our attitude is towards something; the less people will have to hide from wanting to admit to what they like or dislike such as watching porn. I must be emphatic that while I don’t judge anyone, it is absolutely unacceptable to me if the artist is being harmed in any pornographic ventures. Other than that I’ve absolutely nothing against porn,” she said.

Somy Ali is now a feminist activist who fights for the rights of women who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse. She is the founder and president of No More Tears USA and enjoys working for the betterment of society.

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