Reasons for Spousal Abuse in a Relationship

When people marry, they typically anticipate a joyful life with their partners, filled of love and laughter. They rarely consider the possibility of their marriage becoming unsuccessful and abusive. To avoid this, the couple makes the necessary measures to ensure that their marriage is successful. Despite this, many marriages end in divorce. Things get more worse when an aggressive partner is involved. If you’re wondering why this happens, consider the following list of reasons for spousal abuse in a marriage.

Trigger thoughts

Arguments in a violent relationship frequently result in the abuser having a succession of ideas that are extremely harmful to the other person. During a simple marital quarrel, the abusers begin to believe that the other person is disrespecting them. This is too much for them to bear. They begin to believe that they must take action in order to avoid appearing weak. Once this occurs, there is no turning back, and bloodshed is on the horizon.

Inability to tolerate being hurt
It is tough for anyone to be harmed by someone they love and have given their lives to. However, living with someone, experiencing daily stress and unforeseeable problems, can unavoidably result in being wounded and disappointed at times. Abusers, on the other hand, cannot stand being wrong. These people engage in abusive behavior and react to misery by inflicting it on others.
Lack of empathy

A lack of empathy is an expected factor that allows the criminal to perpetrate violence against someone with whom they live their life. Even more alarming, abusers are acutely aware of the limitations and shortcomings of others. What they don’t realise is that empathy has an emotional component that includes caring for and experiencing the sentiments of others.

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